Conditional timers

Sorry for putting this question in english but I can hardly understand French and can’t speak at all.

I have a heating system that’s operated by a pulse on/off switch: press 5 seconds to turn it ON and the same switch gain 5 seconds to turn it back OFF.
This switch is connected to a relay in a IPX 800 board. To turn de heating machine ON I use the relay in « fugitive mode » and to turn it OFF I use it again in « fugitive mode ».
To know if the heater is ON or OFF I’ve connected the indicator LED (of the heating system) to the analog input of the IPX board.
In order to use the timers (as the relay must be used in fugitive mode) I can’t manually change the status of the heater, otherwise the cycle will be all messed.

I would like to know if is there any way of having a conditional timer. Something like:
If input1 >0 then operate relay7 in fugitive mode else do nothing.

Sorry my english


I think you’d use two relays: one for the command itself, the other for « conditional control ».

If you connect those relay in serial, the 5 second signal would arrive to the heating system only if both relays are on.


  • relay 1 could be configured to stay ON only when the analog input reaches a specific value ( that means current wouldn’t pass unless you condition is verified)
  • relay 2 would be controlled in mode fugitif and many timers could be set on it.

If I wasn’t clear let me know and I’ll make a simple drawing of how I’d approach this issue.