Lien deux carte - connection 2 board

Object: lien deux carte sur ethernet
J’e deux mem carte, je veux repeter Input de la primiere carte dans Ouput de la secondieme …
C’est possible ? Push tecnologie ?

Mercie beacoup

Object : connection repeater event with 2 or more board
I have 2 board, Can I repeat a input event on other board over ethernet and turn on/off a output ??
There is a solution ? The Push communication is a possible solution???


Yes: you can set a php page in push setting page and do what you want in php : send email, send push to or prowl server, acces a sql database to log events and or course send an IP or http request to an other IPX card to activate an output.
You can of course store the php page on a free php server hosted on internet or in a NAS hosted at home.


I haven’t server or internet connection or nas …
There is a solution direct??? from a board to direct a another board ???

Yes you can try to do it with push on events.

ok, how ??? sample ???

For example
You can you add in I/O Setting,
LinkTo BoardIP = 192.168.1.xx
execute command : http://192.168.1.xx/preset.htm?led1=1

This configuration is working fine.
The relay 1 of the second ipx800 ( is on when the input 1 of the first IPX is actived

Ok, working … but I can send more than 1 command with more 1 events ???
Now I can call " /preset.htm?led1=1 "

But I can call "/Preset.htm?led(var) = ValueOfInput


There are many changes to the source code to add this feature.
Maybe in the future we can implement a client-server mode but it is not planned at this time

It would be great!
If you needed any help developing this feature, I’m a Comp. Science Engineer and I’d like to cooperate (for free).
Come on! :wink: