IPX800 Touch Panel

I’ve started working on a project for building a complete but cheap control panel for IPX800 boards.

It’s basically made from:

  • Little microcontroller with ethernet connectivity and PoE support (has anybody heard about Arduino?)
  • 3,2’’ LCD touchscreen

What it aims to do:

  • discover IPX800 boards in your network
  • read status data from each board
  • control relays
  • create scenarios for « one touch » activation

The cost of hardware is between 100/150 €, the software is free…

Of course I’d like to know your opinions and suggestions, moreover if anybody wanted to help me… just let me know!

Here the link at the project ipx800touchpanel site.

First BETA released!
I’d be glad if you test it and send me opinions and suggestions!



Very Nice project!
I think I would buy a touchpanel to play with my arduino and IPX! :slight_smile:
Could you post more screen shots?

Added more screenshots and many self-explaining images that lets you better understand the user interface of this touchpanel.
Of course I’m looking forward for peole to try it and give me feedback!

For any help, please write here or send me PMs.